I Have Been Here for a Long Time

A cemetery in Montana on a rainy day

 I have been here for a long time,

As you can surely see.

All friends and family dead and gone,

None left to pray for me.

If only I had known in life,

What waited past death’s door,

I would have sacrificed and prayed,

More than I had before.

I did just what I had to do,

At least that’s what I thought.

But now I see that I fell short,

From what the Church had taught.

These purgatory pains are real,

The Father’s gift of grace,

A time to cleanse myself from sin,

So, I can see God’s Face.

My contrition was imperfect,

My heart and will so frail,

Without these cleansing holy fires,

I would end up in hell.

And if by chance you read these words,

Please say a prayer for me,

That soon my soul is spotless and

The Father’s face I see.

©2017 Donna Sue Berry

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