New Book Soon! “Veronica’s Veil”

“. . . This was her chance! Veronica lurched forward past the guard and onto the ground in front of Jesus, sliding her veil from her hair as she did. Looking up into his face, she saw her redemption! His eyes penetrated hers with such compassion and tenderness that the scene around her simply disappeared, and the only sound she heard was his breathing. She raised her veil towards him, and he achingly, painfully wiped his face covered with blood, sweat, dust, and spittle.

Instantly she was wrenched away from him by a soldier and flung back into the raging sea of people clamoring for his death. They pulled her hair and hit at her as she pushed and shoved her way through them, fighting to get away. Clutching the veil close to her chest, she didn’t stop until the din was far behind her, and she had found a darkened doorway in which to rest. Finally, alone, she sank to the ground, legs trembling not only from the danger she had felt, but from the impact of what she had done. AND his eyes. She had seen love and salvation in those eyes! She had felt his intense love!

Aware of her clenched fists still holding the veil tightly, she’d loosened her grip and gasped at what she saw. Upon the cloth, miraculously, was the image of his face. Tears sprang from her eyes as she beheld his blood drawn features looking back at her, knowing that picture would be imprinted on her soul forever.

Then slowly, ever so slowly, she bent her head toward the veil to kiss her Savior’s cheek .

Continued soon . . .

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